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Acer 1350 1410 2300 5000 A1AAS023170724 LCD inverter NEW


Acer 1350 1410 2300 5000 A1AAS023170724 LCD inverter NEW

New LCD Inverter For Acer 1350 1410 1680 1690 2300 5000

Factory Number: AS023170708 A1AAS023170724 A1APWB-IV12129TFX/D3AS0257330009-A1B19.T50V7.001AS023170139-C1Bas023170147T18I055.01IV12129/T19.T23V7.011T18I064.0019.T50V7.001319445-001AS023172131DAC-08B034

The new LCD inverter board fits HP/Compaq ZE4000, ZE5000, ZE5500, NX9000 series and Acer 1350, 2300, 5000 Series 14.1" or 15" LCD laptops. Please make sure whether your model is in the compatible list below or not before your bidding.


  • Fits 14.1" or 15" LCD displays Laptop
  • Fix your laptop LCD backlight
  • Quantity: 1 pcs
  • Compatible with Part Number(P/N):
    19.T23V7.011, 19.T50V7.001, 19.T50V7.001, 319445-001, AS023170139-C1B
    AS023170147, AS023170708 A1A, AS023170724 A1A, AS023172131, AS0257330009-A1B
    DAC-08B034, IV12129/T, PWB-IV12129TFX/D3, T18I055.01, T18I064.00

Compatible Model :

  • Acer Aspire 1350 Series (1353LC, 1353Lci, 1353XC, 1355LC, 1355Lci, 1356Lci, ZP1, 1355LM, 1410, 1414WLCi)
  • Acer Aspire 1680 Series (1681Lci, 1681WLCi, 1681WLMi, 1684WLMi, 1685WLMi)
  • ACER Aspire 2300 Series
  • Acer Aspire 5000 Series (5002Lmi, 5002WLMi, 5004WLM)
  • Acer TravelMate 2300 series (2300, 2301LC, 2301LCi, 2301WLCi, 2301XC, 2303LC, 2303LCi, 2303WLCi, 2304LCi, 2304WLCi)
  • Acer TravelMate 4000 series (4000, 4000LCi, 4000WLCi, 4001LCi, 4001WLCi, 4001WLMi, 4002WLMi)
  • Acer TravelMate 4500 series (4500, 4501 WLMi)
  • Acer TravelMate 800 series (801LCi ZG1S)
  • Acer TravelMate 660 series
  • Acer TravelMate 2100 series
  • Acer Ferrari 3000 series (3000LMi, 3200LMi, 3400LMi)
  • Acer Ferrari 3200 series
  • Acer Ferrari 3400 series
  • HP Pavilion ZE4000 series
  • HP Pavilion ZE4500 series
  • HP Pavilion ZE4900 series
    ZE4901 ZE4902 ZE4903 ZE4904US ZE4905 ZE4906 ZE4907 ZE4908 ZE4910 ZE4911 ZE4912 ZE4913 ZE4914 ZE4916 ZE4917 ZE4918 ZE4919 ZE4920 ZE4921 ZE4922 ZE4923 ZE4925 ZE4927 ZE4927EA ZE4928 ZE4929 ZE4930 ZE4930EA ZE4931 ZE4932 ZE4933 ZE4934 ZE4935 ZE4935EA ZE4937 ZE4937EA ZE4938 ZE4939 ZE4940 ZE4941 ZE4942 ZE4943 ZE4944 ZE4944EA ZE4945 ZE4947 ZE4948 ZE4949 ZE4950 ZE4951 ZE4952 ZE4953 ZE4954 ZE4955 ZE4957 ZE4958 ZE4961 ZE4962 ZE4965
  • HP Pavilion ZE5200 series
    ZE5200 ZE5207 ZE5217 ZE5232 ZE5236 ZE5238 ZE5240 ZE5242 ZE5244 ZE5250 ZE5252 ZE5258 ZE5270 ZE5279
  • HP Pavilion ZE5300 series
    ZE5300 ZE5307 ZE5315 ZE5320 ZE5325 ZE5339 ZE5343 ZE5345 ZE5354 ZE5357 ZE5360 ZE5362 ZE5365 ZE5375 ZE5375US ZE5385 ZE5395
  • HP Pavilion ZE5400 series
    ZE5407 ZE5410 ZE5413 ZE5414 ZE5415 ZE5416 ZE5417 ZE5418 ZE5420 ZE5425 ZE5426 ZE5427 ZE5430 ZE5440 ZE5443 ZE5445 ZE5446 ZE5447 ZE5451 ZE5457 ZE5460 ZE5462 ZE5467 ZE5468 ZE5470 ZE5475 ZE5477 ZE5478 ZE5490 ZE5497
  • HP Pavilion ZE5500 series
    ZE5500 ZE5501 ZE5504 ZE5505 ZE5506 ZE5507 ZE5510 ZE5511 ZE5512 ZE5513 ZE5514 ZE5515 ZE5516 ZE5517 ZE5518 ZE5519 ZE5520 ZE5521 ZE5522 ZE5523 ZE5524 ZE5525 ZE5526 ZE5527 ZE5528 ZE5529 ZE5530 ZE5531 ZE5532 ZE5533 ZE5534 ZE5535 ZE5537 ZE5547 ZE5560 ZE5568 ZE5570 ZE5575 ZE5580 ZE5587 ZE5590
  • HP Pavilion ZE5600 series
    ZE5601 ZE5602 ZE5603 ZE5604 ZE5605 ZE5606 ZE5607 ZE5608 ZE5609 ZE5610 ZE5611 ZE5612 ZE5613 ZE5614 ZE5615 ZE5616 ZE5617 ZE5618 ZE5619 ZE5620 ZE5622 ZE5623 ZE5624 ZE5626 ZE5630 ZE5631 ZE5634 ZE5635 ZE5636 ZE5637 ZE5638 ZE5639 ZE5640 ZE5644 ZE5645 ZE5647 ZE5650
  • HP Pavilion ZE5700 series
    ZE5700 ZE5701 ZE5702 ZE5705 ZE5706 ZE5715 ZE5730 ZE5731 ZE5732 ZE5738 ZE5739 ZE5740 ZE5749
  • Compaq NX9000 series
    nx9000, nx9005, nx9008, nx9010, nx9030
  • Compaq NC6100 series
  • Compaq NX6100 series
  • Compaq Presario 2100 Series
    2107AP 2110AH 2113AH 2123AP 2128AD 2133AP 2134AD 2135AC 2137EA 2140AP 2143AC 2143AP 2145AP 2149AE 2160AD 2162AF 2165AF 2169AE 2178AF 2179AF
  • Compaq Presario 2200 Series
    2203AL 2205AP 2206AP 2207AL 2207AP 2208AP 2223AP 2227US 2234AP 2241AP 2246AP 2250AP 2252AP 2258AP 2267AP
  • Compaq Presario 2500 Series
    2515AP 2519AI 2523AI 2529AI 2533AH 2543AP 2546AI 2573AI

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