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Acer Aspire 1360 1440 1500 Gateway M500 LCD Inverter


Acer Aspire 1360 1440 1500 Gateway M500 LCD Inverter

  • Condition: 1 piece Brand New Original Laptop LCD Inverter .
Replace Part Number

V02107130105 A03 S013194,19.21064.001, IV09117/T, 19.21032.031, 48.V0712.021 V071, 19.21030.D51, 19.21030.E92, 19.21030.F12, 19.21030.I21, 19.21030.I71, 19.21030.K51, 19.21063.002, 19.21063.004, 19.21064.001, 19.A30V1.101, 19.A36V1.001, 19.A36V1.002, 19.T30V1.201, CP159939-01, CP159939-02, NA19025-C201, PWB-IV09117T/A4, PWB-IV09117T/A8, IV09117/T, PWB-IV09117T/D1, IV09115/T,
Ambit T62I194.01, t62i194.02, T62I194.06, T62I194.12

Compatible Models

Acer Travelmate 240 Series: 242LC, 242LCi, 242LM, 242LMi, 242X, 242XC, 242XM, 242XVi, 243LC, 243X, 243Xi, 244LC, 244LCi, 244X
Acer Travelmate 250 Series: 250LC, 250LCi
Acer Travelmate 610 Series: 611TXV, 612TXV, 613TXV
Acer Travelmate 2000 Series: 2001LC, 2001LCi, 2001X, 2001XC, 2002LCi, 2002LMi, 2003LC, 2003LMi
Acer Travelmate 2100 Series: 2100, 2101WLC, 2101WLM, 2101WLMi, 2103WLC, 2103WLCi, 2103WLMi ...
Acer Travelmate 2400 Series
Acer Travelmate 2500 Series: 2501LM, 2500Lci, 2501Lmi, 2501LC
Acer Travelmate 2600 Series: 2601WLC, 2601WLCi, 2601WLMi, 2602WLMi...
Acer Travelmate C100 Series
Acer Aspire 1360 Series: 1360, 1362LMi, 1362WLMi, 1363WLMi, 1362XC, 1362LC, 1362LCi, 1362WLC, 1362WLCi ...
Acer Aspire 1440 Series
Acer Aspire 1500 Series: 1500, 1501LCi, 1501LMi
Acer Aspire 1520 Series: 1520, 1522LC, 1522LMi, 1522WLMi, 1524WLMi...
Acer Aspire 1660 Series: 1660, 1661WLC, 1661WLCi, 1661FWLCi, 1661WLM, 1662WLC, 1662WLM, 1663WLMi, 1664WLMi ...

Other ACER:
MS2159 / MS2159W, MS2154W, 1545, MS2110, TravelMate 371TCi, MS2130

Fujitsu LifeBook S N Series: N3010, Configuration # starts with AJB AJC AJD AJE

Gateway M500 Series LCD

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