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12 Cell 8000mAh Battery HP PM579A 367769-001 PB995A


12 Cell 8000mAh Battery HP PM579A 367769-001 PB995A

Battery Type :  Li-ion
Voltage :  10.80V
Capacity :  8000mAh
Color :  Black
Dimension :  205.20 x 59.20 x 37.50 mm
Product Type :  Replacement Battery (Brand New)
Weight : 751.26g
Warranty :  One year warranty

Replacement Code:
367760-001, 383492-001, 383493-001, 391883-001, 394275-001, 396600-001, 396601-001, 398065-001, 398752-001, 398832-001,  EG414AA, EG415AA, PB995A, PF723A,367759-001, PF723A, PM579A,367769-001, PB995A

Fit Laptop Models:

    HP Special Edition L2000

    HP Pavilion DV1000 Series
        DV1000T, DV1004AP-PF354PA, DV1005AP-PF355PA,
        DV1007AP, DV1008AP, DV1010CA,
        DV1011AP, DV1012AP-PD111PA, DV1030AP-PN910PA,
        DV1040CA, DV1000-DZ677AV, DV1000-DZ731AV,
        DV1300-PT111AV, DV1001AP-PK809AS, DV1001XX-PK807AS,
        DV1000-DZ678AV, DV1002AP-PF352PA, DV1002XX-PK808AS,
        DV1003AP-PF353PA, DV1006AP-PF356PA, DV1007AP-PF367PA,
        DV1008AP-PF368PA, DV1009AP-PH468PA, DV1010AP-PH476PA,
        DV1010CA-PM056UA, DV1010CA-PM056UAR, DV1010US-PM053UA,
        DV1010US-PM053UAR, DV1013AP-PD110PA, DV1013AP-PD112PA,
        DV1014AP-PD113PA, DV1015AP-PD114PA, DV1016AP-PD117PA,
        DV1017AP-PD118PA, DV1018AP-PD119PA, DV1019AP-PD120PA,
        DV1020AP-PH482PA, DV1021AP-PH483PA, DV1022AP-PN562PA,
        DV1023AP-PN563PA, DV1024AP-PN575PA, DV1025AP-PN576PA,
        DV1026AP-PN907PA, DV1027AP-PN578PA, DV1029AP-PN888PA,
        DV1029AP-PN908PA, DV1031AP-PP963PA, DV1032AP-PP971PA,
        DV1033AP-PP981PA, DV1034AP-PP982PA, DV1035AP-PP989PA,
        DV1036AP-PS939PA, DV1037AP-PS940PA, DV1040CA-PM057UA,
        DV1040CA-PM057UAR, DV1040US-PM054UA, DV1040US-PM054UAR,
        DV1042QV-PM055UA, DV1049CL-PM058UA, DV1049CL-PM058UAR,
        DV1060US-PM059UA, DV1060US-PM059UAR, DV1065US-PM061UA,
        DV1065US-PM061UAR, DV1009XX-PR284AS, DV1012LA-PQ641LA,
        DV1014LA-PP888LA, DV1015LA-PN713LA, DV1024LA-PP889LA,
        DV1025LA-PN712LA, DV1044LA-PP890LA, DV1067EA-PQ563EA,
        DV1068EA-PQ564EA, DV1071EA-PQ562EA, DV1101AP-PS925PA,
        DV1102AP-PS926PA, DV1122AP-PV253PA, DV1128AP-PV295PA,
        DV1134AP, DV1135AP, DV1240CA, DV1301AP, DV1302AP,
        DV1303AP, DV1309AP, DV1315CL, DV1317AP, DV1327AP,
        DV1330CA, DV1331SE
    HP Pavilion DV1600 Series
        DV1600 CTO, DV1601tn, DV1601ts, DV1602tn, DV1602ts, DV1603tn,
        DV1603ts, DV1604tn, DV1604ts, DV1605tn, DV1605ts, DV1606tn,
        DV1606ts, DV1607tn, DV1607ts, DV1608tn, DV1608ts, DV1609tn,
        DV1609ts, DV1610tn, DV1610us, DV1611tn, DV1612ts, DV1614ts,
        DV1615tn, DV1615ts, DV1616tn, DV1616ts, DV1617ea, DV1617tn,
        DV1617ts, DV1618ea, DV1618tn, DV1618ts, DV1619ea, DV1619tn,
        DV1619ts, DV1620ea, DV1620tn, DV1620ts, Dv1620us, DV1621ea,
        DV1621tn, DV1621ts, DV1622ea, DV1622nr, DV1622tn, DV1622ts,
        DV1623ea, DV1623tn, DV1623ts, DV1624nr, DV1624tn, DV1624ts,
        DV1625la, DV1625tn, DV1625ts, DV1626tn, DV1626ts, DV1627tn,
        DV1627ts, DV1628tn, DV1629tn, DV1629us, DV1630tn, DV1631tn,
        DV1632tn, DV1633tn, DV1634tn, DV1635ca, DV1635la, DV1635tn,
        DV1636tn, DV1648us, DV1650ca,  DV1650us, DV1656us, DV1657cl,
        DV1657ea, DV1658ea, DV1658us, DV1659ea, DV1659us, DV1660ca,
        DV1660se, DV1662ea, DV1664ea, DV1665ea, DV1665eu, DV1666ea,
        DV1667ea, DV1668ea, DV1669ea, DV1670ea, DV1670us, DV1671ea,
        DV1672ea, DV1673ea, DV1674ea, DV1675ea, DV1677ea, DV1679ea,
        DV1680ca, DV1680ea, DV1680us, DV1688us, DV1693ea, DV1694ea,
        DV1695ea, DV1699xx
    HP Pavilion DV1700 Series
        DV1700/CT, DV1700 CTO, DV1700tu, DV1701tu, DV1701xx, DV1702tu,
        DV1702xx, DV1703tu, DV1703xx, DV1704tu, DV1704xx, DV1705tu,
        DV1706tu, DV1707tu, DV1708nr, DV1708tu, DV1709tu, DV1710ca,
        DV1710tu, DV1710us, DV1711tu, DV1712us, DV1713tu, DV1714tu,
        DV1715tu, DV1716tu, DV1717tu, DV1718tu, DV1719tu, DV1720la,
        DV1720tu, DV1721la, DV1721tu, DV1722tu, DV1723tu, DV1724tu,
        DV1725tu, DV1726tu, DV1727tu, DV1728tu, DV1729tu, DV1730la,
        DV1730tu, DV1731tu, DV1732tu, DV1733tu, DV1734tu, DV1735tu,
        DV1736tu, DV1737tu, DV1738od, DV1739tu, DV1740br, DV1740tu,
        DV1741tx, DV1742tx, DV1743tu, DV1744tu, DV1746tu, DV1748tu,
        DV1749tu, DV1750br, DV1760br
    HP Pavilion DV5000 Series
        DV5000 CTO, DV5000ea, DV5000t CTO, DV5001xx, DV5002ea, DV5003cl,
        DV5003ea, DV5005ea, DV5006ea, DV5007ea, DV5008ea, DV5009ea,
        DV5010ea, DV5011ea, DV5012ea, DV5016ea, DV5017cl, DV5017ea,
        DV5018ea, DV5020ca, DV5020us, DV5021ea, DV5022ea, DV5023ea,
        DV5024ea, DV5026ea, DV5027ea, DV5029us, DV5030us, DV5031ea,
        DV5033ea, DV5034ea, DV5035ea, DV5035nr, DV5036ea, DV5037ea,
        DV5040us, DV5041ea, DV5046ea, DV5047ea, DV5050ea, DV5051ea,
        DV5052ea, DV5053ea, DV5054ea, DV5055ea, DV5056ea, DV5057ea,
        DV5058ea, DV5059ea, DV5061ea, DV5062ea, DV5063ea, DV5074ea,
        DV5075ea, DV5077ea, DV5078ea, DV5084ea, DV5088xx, DV5091ea,
        DV5092ea, DV5093ea, DV5094ea, DV5095ea, DV5096ea, DV5097ea,
        DV5098ea, DV5099ea, DV5099xx

    HP Pavilion DV5100 Series
        DV5100 CTO, DV5101tx, DV5102eu, DV5102tx, DV5103eu, DV5103tx,
        DV5104eu, DV5104tx, DV5105eu, DV5105tx, DV5106eu, DV5106tx,
        DV5107eu, DV5107tx, DV5108eu,DV5108tx, DV5109eu, DV5109tx,
        DV5110ca, DV5110eu, DV5110tx, DV5110us, DV5111eu, DV5111tu,
        DV5111tx, DV5112eu, DV5112tx, DV5113eu, DV5113tx, DV5114eu,
        DV5114tx, DV5115eu, DV5115nr, DV5115tx, DV5116eu, DV5116nr,
        DV5116tx, DV5117ca, DV5117cl, DV5117eu, DV5117tx, DV5118eu,
        DV5118tx, DV5119eu, DV5119tx, DV5120ea, DV5120eu, DV5120la,
        DV5120tx, DV5120us, DV5121ea, DV5121eu, DV5121tx, DV5122ea,
        DV5122tx, DV5123cl, DV5123ea, DV5123tx, DV5124eu, DV5124tx,
        DV5125eu, DV5125tx, DV5126ea, DV5126tx, DV5127ea, DV5127eu,
        DV5127tx, DV5128ea, DV5128eu, DV5128tx, DV5129eu, DV5129tx,
        DV5129us, DV5130ca, DV5130ea, DV5130eu, DV5130tx, DV5130us,
        DV5131eu, DV5131tx, DV5132eu, DV5132tx, DV5133ea, DV5133eu,
        DV5134ea, DV5134eu, DV5135eu, DV5135nr, DV5136eu, DV5137ea,
        DV5137eu, DV5138eu, DV5139us, DV5140ca, DV5140ea, DV5140eu,
        DV5140us, DV5142ea, DV5142eu, DV5143ea, DV5144ea, DV5145ea,
        DV5147ea, DV5148ea, DV5149ea, DV5149eu, DV5150ea, DV5150us,
        DV5151eu, DV5152eu, DV5153eu, DV5154eu, DV5155eu, DV5156ea,
        DV5156eu, DV5157ea, DV5157eu, DV5158ea, DV5158eu, DV5159ea,
        DV5159eu, DV5160ea, DV5160eu, DV5161ea, DV5161eu, DV5162ea,
        DV5162eu, DV5163cl, DV5164ea, DV5165ea, DV5166ea, DV5167cl,
        DV5170us, DV5171eu, DV5173ea, DV5173eu, DV5174eu, DV5175ea,
        DV5176ea, DV5176eu, DV5177ea, DV5178ea, DV5178us, DV5179ea,
        DV5180ea, DV5184ea, DV5186eu, DV5187eu, DV5188ea, DV5189eu,
        DV5189xx, DV5190ea, DV5190us, DV5191ea, DV5192ea, DV5193ea,
        DV5194ea, DV5195ea, DV5196ea, DV5196xx, DV5197ea, DV5197xx,
        DV5198ea, DV5198xx, DV5199xx

   HP Pavilion DV5200 Series
        DV5200 CTO, DV5200tu, DV5200tx, DV5201eu, DV5201tu, DV5201tx,
        DV5202eu, DV5202tu, DV5202tx, DV5203ea, DV5203tu, DV5203tx,
        DV5204ea, DV5204tu, DV5204tx, DV5205ea, DV5205tu, DV5205tx,
        DV5206ea, DV5206tu, DV5206tx, DV5207tu, DV5207tx, DV5208ea,
        DV5208tu, DV5208tx, DV5209ea, DV5209eu, DV5209tx, DV5210ca,
        DV5210ea, DV5210tx, DV5210us, DV5211ea, DV5211eu, DV5211tx,
        DV5212ea, DV5212tx, DV5213eu, DV5213tx, DV5214tx, DV5215ca,
        DV5215tx, DV5215us, DV5216ca, DV5216cl, DV5216tx, DV5217cl,
        DV5217tx, DV5218ea, DV5218nr, DV5218tx, DV5219tx, DV5220ca,
        DV5220eu, DV5220la, DV5220tx, DV5220us, DV5221tx, DV5222eu,
        DV5222nr, DV5222tx, DV5223ea, DV5223om, DV5223tx, DV5224ea,
        DV5224eu, DV5224nr, DV5224tx, DV5225ca, DV5225ea, DV5225tx,
        DV5226ca, DV5226ea, DV5226eu, DV5226tx, DV5227tx, DV5228tx,
        DV5229om, DV5229tx, DV5230ca, DV5230tx, DV5230us, DV5231eu,
        DV5231tx, DV5232eu, DV5232tx, DV5233ea, DV5233eu, DV5233tx,
        DV5234ea, DV5234tx, DV5234us, DV5235ca, DV5235ea, DV5235tx,
        DV5236ea, DV5236eu, DV5236om, DV5236tx, DV5237ca, DV5237cl,
        DV5237ea, DV5237tx, DV5238ea, DV5239ea, DV5239tx, DV5240ca,
        DV5240ea, DV5240tx, DV5240us, DV5241ea, DV5241tx, DV5242ea,
        DV5243ea, DV5243eu, DV5244ea, DV5244eu, DV5245ea, DV5245eu,
        DV5246eu, DV5247ea, DV5247eu, DV5248ea, DV5248eu, DV5249ea,
        DV5250ca, DV5250ea, DV5250us, DV5251ea, DV5252ea, DV5255ea,
        DV5261ea, DV5264ea, DV5266ea, DV5267ea, DV5269ea, DV5270ea,
        DV5271ea, DV5272ea, DV5273ea, DV5274ea, DV5275ea, DV5276ea,
        DV5276eu, DV5277ea, DV5277eu, DV5278ea, DV5278eu, DV5279ea,
        DV5279eu, DV5280ea, DV5281ea, DV5282ea, DV5283ea, DV5284ea,
        DV5285ea, DV5286ea, DV5287ea, DV5288ea, DV5289ea, DV5292ea,
        DV5293ea, DV5294ea, DV5295ea, DV5296ea, DV5298ea, DV5298xx,

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