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Toshiba R500 R505 Laptop CPU Fan + Heatsink

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Toshiba R500 Laptop CPU Fan

Unit: 1 pcs
Type: Laptop CPU Fan
Compatible with Part no.: GDM610000425, MCF-132PAM05-2
Power: DC 5V 0.37A
Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 3 Months
Remark: Tested to be 100% working properly.

Fit Laptop Models:

Toshiba Portege R500 / R505 Series
R500-S5001X (PPR50U-036020)
R500-S5002 (PPR50U-035020)
R500-S5002X (PPR50U-00V01Y)
R500-S5003 (PPR50U-03X020, PPR50U-03X020B)
R500-S5004 (PPR50U-02M01W, PPR50U-02M01WB)
R500-S5005 (PPR50U-02T01W)
R500-S5006V (PPR50U-07Y08R)
R500-S5006X (PPR50U-07X020)
R500-S5007V (PPR50U-08008R, PPR50U-08008RB)
R500-S5008X (PPR50U-08K09D, PPR50U-08K09DB)
R500-S5632 (PPR50U-00V01W)
R505-SP9018 (PPR50U-03F03L)
PPR50C-00V09C, PPR50C-02G08C, PPR50C-SP109C, PPR50C-SP209C

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